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> How do I thin this paint? Do I use Tamiya thinner? but that means if it's
> thinner, It can't take up the gaps and it will fall off easily...

I've never liked the idea of thinning out paint, because it can run a bit
easier. The real trick, if you decide to mix the paint and some thinner, is
to put it on in coats so that it can dry quickly. Hopefully then it will dry
in the gaps and lines in the kit.

> Is it better to use AUTOMOTIVE paint from cars? I mean, they do adhere to
> surface right? so, I get to use a air spray right? or maybe just a brush?

I've always used either testors model paint or gundam markers (gunze sanyo
paint( with my gundam (and macross) models. Mostly because they're called
"gundam markers," I figure it's a close enough match for someone like me,
who is too lazy to find the exactly right color. I think it depends mostly
on experience with different types of paints, or the method of application.
The gundam markers are relatively easy to use, and fortunately don't ever
group up and give you uneven painted surfaces. That's my recommendation.

> * If I am to get off the white paint that's currently on the body... how
do I
> Dip it in thinner?
> Scrape off the paint?
> or dab thinner on a piece of cloth and rub away ?

I would not recommend dipping the piece in thinner - I've had some troubles
doing that before. The problem was that (putting yellow paint on Unit 2's
shoulders) the paint would run, but also managed to stain the plastic, so I
had to scrape it off with a knife. Therefore, I would recommend either
option 2 or 3, tho 3 may yield unwanted results if you put too much thinner
on the cloth.

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