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> Hi, just browsing through the net... and saw these pics posted from a
> Weapons magazine. There are details about the pics...
> who are the people who made these great conversions?

they look like they were scanned out of a model magazine. Well, a few of
them do. The people's names are on the web pages also, but I've never heard
them before. Hobby Japan, maybe?

That QV Gundam 2 looks really, REALLY cool. Just by looking at it, I'm going
to guess and say they used the black gundam kit and red paint (just my
guess, but that's the way I figure it was done with all the neat fade

I don't actually have a Gundam 2 yet, (a crime, I know, but I'm ordering one
or two eventually), but it looks like those are all parts that came with the
kit, with the exception of the hooks on the shoulders - I recognize those
from the GM's Bazooka rack and (I think) the MG Zeta. Likewise, I couldn't
say if the "QV" sticker on the shoulder was painted on or comes with the
kits. I can definitely say that I like the color scheme, tho. I may take it
upon myself to make a modification like that one of these days.

Those Mk II kits look really, really cool.

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