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> What bugs me
> is the fact
> Giren didn't use his solar weapon against the Feds during the
> battle of A
> Bao A Qu. That could've been a big difference. One big
> shoot concentrated
> on the core of the fleet and bye-bye resistance. That
> happened in the end
> of Zeta gundam. Any Zeta fans here? ^_^

Well, Giren figured taking out his old man was a bit more important than to
save the big cannon for the final battle. I supposed the Titan's Colony
Laser was an improvement over the Solar Ray for its ability to recharge
quickly. Solar Ray was probably still recharging when the battle was over.

> One interesting point though, the major aces we see Zeons
> lost are those
> who went to tackle against gundam. You mentioned that the
> Zeons were filled
> with the majority of their pilots fresh from the school. But
> isn't that's
> the same with the Feds?? I mean the Zeons established their
> MS training
> camps much earlier than the Feds. And we saw the GM out only
> during the
> middle of OYW. That means the Feds couldn't have developed
> that many aces in
> a short time compared to the Zeons. So shouldn't the Zeons have more
> advantage over the Feds?? I would have to agree with you that is the
> overwhelming numbers of capital ships that really made the difference.

The Feds still has tons of space fighter pilots who are not fressh off the
highschool. Sure they have no experience piloting MS, but they are much
much better pilot than the highschoolers.

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