Winn Sevilla (
Mon, 04 Oct 1999 21:27:55 +0800

I've been painting this HG Tallgeese III 1/100... and lately I've been having

The paint, FLAT WHITE, Tamiya brand is sooo hard to use. The damn thing is sooo
thick but the distribution is so uneven... I ended up with a THICK body part of
the tallgeese and it doesn't look good. The darn paint is hard to "thin"... so...

How do I thin this paint? Do I use Tamiya thinner? but that means if it's more
thinner, It can't take up the gaps and it will fall off easily...

Should I use a primer first before putting some on? Will that help?

Is it better to use AUTOMOTIVE paint from cars? I mean, they do adhere to the
surface right? so, I get to use a air spray right? or maybe just a brush?

* If I am to get off the white paint that's currently on the body... how do I
Dip it in thinner?
Scrape off the paint?
or dab thinner on a piece of cloth and rub away ?

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