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>>But you have to notice Gundam's were never in such a thing called UNT Spacy,
>>This was introduced to us on Decals on MG models just as EFSF was.
>Not so. The artwork for Gundam 0080 clearly showed the UNT insignia on
>both the MS and the Federation uniforms. You see it on the Sound Sketch
>CDs, the Bandai Visual Comics, MS Era -- everywhere they featured art from
>Gundam 0080. As for official recognition, there's chapter and verse about
>the UNT in Entertainment Bible.
>>In fact I
>>have never heard either terms used at all in any of gundam.
>No, no one ever said the words "UNT" or "Spacy" in any of the dialogue.
>They just slapped it on the MS in foot-high letters and inscribed it on
>sidearms and insignia and official documents and the front page of the 4
>January 0080 Libot Times newspaper and, as you noted, all 9 plastic model
>Oh yeah I forgot about that in 0080 but besides that, it was hardly on
anything else. Besides it was only on decals from Bandai, if you watch the
series there is no mention of UNT Spacy in any of 0080 the series , So i
Figure Bandai made it up, of course I could be wrong like I so often am.

- Roger


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