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>LOL, and this is only the beginning of the onslaught of new MG kits -
>RickDom, ZZ, GM Custom, and GM Quell! Not to mention more HGUC kits on the
>way too... and possibly more First Grade kits after Char's Zaku II?

        Repeat after me: I am not going to get all those cool MG kits until
and unless I really love them.

        Who am I kidding? (^_^)

        Still, I think I'll hold off on those 4 MGs first. I don't really
like their design -- the Rick Dom seems a bit too big for my taste, never
liked the ZZ and the two GMs are really optional -- so I'll save the cash
for later.

        As for the HGUC, well, here I haven't even *seen* the Gyan HGUC. =)
Truth is lately work has been a bit excessive, so I'm not actively walking
around nowadays..

>Mine's still sealed in shrinkwrap, so I will find out later. :) Don't seem
>to recall a trigger hand on the left of the Mk-II though... all I remember
>was "Damn, too many hands to put together!"

        LOL. I'm still trying to figure out where to store all those spare
hands.. Anyway, the Mk. II did have one -- it's on the arm right now, so I'm
pretty sure. =)

        Anyway, happy building.. Keep us informed, nei?

>Most likely not - depending on the weight of the weapon. It may do okay
>with the beam saber, but with the beam rifle I am willing to bet it cannot
>give a proper grip.

        It'll be nice to pose the Alex with the arm extended, the fingers
sprayed out, and the 90mm pointed out. =)

        I don't think I'll add the Heavy Armour to the Alex though.. never
liked the idea.

>> Hopefully none of that stupid tubing problem again..
>I don't think there was any tube on the Alex, but it looks like they carried
>over the MG Mk-II's working pistons for the Alex's foot joint.

        Hey, those are really nice. Did you know that one day I accidentally
whacked into my Mk. II, and the nice thing was it didn't just topple over
like most kits?

        Instead, the pistol extended and the whole leg moved as if on a
human falling down -- very cool effect. None of the stupid "rock on your
heels until you fall over" but a graceful fall. Makes the thing feels like
it's really attached together.

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