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Mon, 4 Oct 1999 02:58:04 -0700

>At 02:39 10/04/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>>> Damn it, Eddie -- You just made sure I *HAD* to get this kit. =)
>>Really? Hehe. It was better than I expected, too.
> Ho ho.. There goes more money out of my pocket -- I definitely want
>this kit to be worth every cent. =)

LOL, and this is only the beginning of the onslaught of new MG kits -
RickDom, ZZ, GM Custom, and GM Quell! Not to mention more HGUC kits on the
way too... and possibly more First Grade kits after Char's Zaku II?

> I don't have the Gelgoog -- hoping and praying a MS-14F, Fs or JG
>version will come out -- so was there any major problems with the Gelgoog's

I've heard a happy solution everytime a complaint for it was posted here...

> They included a trigger hand for the left on the Mk. II -- no reason
>not to in the Alex.

Mine's still sealed in shrinkwrap, so I will find out later. :) Don't seem
to recall a trigger hand on the left of the Mk-II though... all I remember
was "Damn, too many hands to put together!"

> Anyway, I assume the independent-fingers hand cannot grip weapons

Most likely not - depending on the weight of the weapon. It may do okay
with the beam saber, but with the beam rifle I am willing to bet it cannot
give a proper grip.

>>Hehehe, I think I will be ordering plenty of the new hand parts in order to
>>"upgrade" my other MG kits...
> Not a bad idea, but if HBJ's policy of ordering whole sprunce/tree
>only comes into play, you'll end up with a lot of spare parts. Kit bash,
>maybe? Or wreckage for a diorama? =)

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Time to find out if Rainbow Ten offers part
ordering service...

>>> The legs.. well, looks like I will be spending a whole day on each
>>>leg section again.. =)
>>Argh. At least it looked like a carbon copy of the Mk-II's, so it will be
>>easier the second time around.
> Hopefully none of that stupid tubing problem again..

I don't think there was any tube on the Alex, but it looks like they carried
over the MG Mk-II's working pistons for the Alex's foot joint.


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