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"James L. Ravelo II" wrote:
> Just finished doing the 1/144 and 1/100 versions of the Nu-Gundam. They
> are HUGE compared to other suits, UC/AC/ question is, why was the
> Nu-Gundam that large? Was it because of the Psycommu equipment?
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Good point. Actually I do not think so: many early generations
Psycommu-equipped MS aren't so big: Zeta, Shiki etc. But both Nu and
Sazabi are rather large, even compared to other CCA MS. Of course both
MS used an advanced of Psycommu system and we see only the main,
t-shaped, component so we cannot say if a greater than normal frame was
needed to host this still-experimental device.
First, they are both heavy support and command unit. Earlier Gundams
were testbed prototypes and later limited production first-line/commando
units. Of course they were expensive and a simbol for the Feds but none
of them was piloted by a large force commander that needed to be
protected at any cost. As we see in 0083 (Gato and the Rick Dom II) in a
fast speed space battle it's hard to have a bodyguard of lesser MS: the
main unit must restrain somehow its speed and maneuverabilty or it will
leave behind the bodyguard and the lesser suites are likely to be wiped
out by the enemy MS aiming for the big kill.
The Sazabi and the Nu were built for a specific mission: to move faster
than any MS and destroy the enemy ships. Ironically the Sazabi had a
defensive role-stop the Jegans harming the Axis so it appear better
armored than the Nu. So both the Sazabi and Nu needed armor and a lot of
it. When you have armor you need a lot of sub-thrusters and maneuver
verniers to move the thing around. With weight comes weight.
Second, they both used fin funnels. Lesser MS used bits but fin funnels
are more powerful and accurate so maybe they need larger pods to
accomodate them and a more complex and bigger system to control them.
Third, they both have incredible thrust and weapon power: the Nu slowed
half Axis in its one-way trip to Earth's surface and I doubt that
nothing less than a MA could do something similar and the Sazabi
destroyed, at hi-speed, three Jegan with one shot from a secondary
weapon system. The Big Zam did the same thing with his primary weapons
system, not moving. These babies must have a helluva big power system.
Fourth, we must consider always the psychological wiev. Big, one of a
kind MS means trouble to a Jegan or Geara Doga pilot.

Bye, Vincenzo

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