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>Even the folks in Japan aren't privy to the images you are about to see, yet:

        Damn it, Eddie -- You just made sure I *HAD* to get this kit. =)

        Rubber shoulders parts? *shudder* I remember what a pain it was to
put the Ingram together.. hopefully they won't give me as much posing
problems as the Ingram did..

        The 90mm chaingun looks a bit small, but overall the Alex looks much
better than the beefy Arnold-lookalike of the 1/144 kit. The shield still
has that wierd "Alex" sketched onto it.. Cute. (^_^)

        Can I check -- there appears to be three types of hands - one fist,
one trigger hand, with only the index finger being independent, and one
all-fingers independent open palm? I don't have the Dom, so I'll have to ask
you.. =)

        The legs.. well, looks like I will be spending a whole day on each
leg section again.. =)

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