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>> I have Bandai Original Character Armored Lady 1/12 Scale Figure Model #3:
>> Z-Gundam Lady.
>OMG you have one!!! Any chance of a picture?

Not from me -- I have no scanner. There's a modeller who's posted a
picture of his Z-Gundam Lady, which he's painted in military camouflage colors.

>yup that just about sums up the one I saw some 10-15 years ago. Is it
>resin/soft vinyl/injection? I just finished a soft vinyl Anice Farm,
>and although the work is shoddy-ish, she still looks damn good time to
>work on my Zugok now :)

It's a plastic model kit of the glue-and-paint variety, which is why mine's
still in the box. It's basically a figurine sliced vertically down the
middle, not a figure onto which you snap the armor pieces, which would be
more my speed.


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