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<< I dunno... it's still not right. I mean, look at the
  cartoons we have nowadays; the better anime gets, the
  worse cartoons become (Geez... look at Princess Tenko).
  Well, not all of them of course. But if you think about
  it, there is really no need to take cartoons seriously
  as no one even dies in them. That fact alone tells how
  shallow and "kid's stuff" all cartoons are, and
  unfortunately, anime gets mistaken to be no different.
  Don't you just hate it when someone would say; "You
  still watch that?" or "Aren't you a bit too old to
  be watching cartoons?", and that is, while you're
  watching a good anime? Let's face it, there's a
  wall between anime and cartoons... and it's what
  makes anime so great, and I consider myself lucky that
  I'm one of those who are "blessed" to see this wall.
Its kinda weird, but I get the same response when someone comes into my room,
looks at my gundam models, and says "arent you too old for toys?" then i go
into a rage and babble on about how they arent toys and how long they take to
put together....etc etc etc...

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