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>>> Ain't all this acronym rather similar to those from Macross?
>>>hey yah! I never noticed that, but there was the UN Spacy in Macross, and
>>>I'm sure some of those other acronyms were around in it. (EFSF sounds
>>>familiar - Earth Federation Space Forces? Idunno...)
>>but ya gotta recognize, Gundam Came first :)
>Yes and no.
>Gundam did indeed come first, in 1979. At that time, however, it didn't
>use any English-language insignia and the name of the Earth Federation
>military was a Japanese phrase best translated as, well, Earth Federation
>Military. English-speaking fans of that time routinely abbreviated it as
>EFM, but it never appeared in the show or its then quite scarce literature.
>Enter Macross, in 1982. Immensely successful, where Gundam had not
>originally been, having become popular in reruns and with the release of
>the compilation movies in 1981. Macross introduced the United Nations (UN)
>Spacy and had all sorts of English-language emblems and trademarks slapped
>on everything, this being considered cool by the kids of the time, most of
>whom couldn't even read them.
>Macross The Movie came out in the summer of 1984 and the whole thing
>started all over again. Gundam, meanwhile, was still playing catch-up.
>Z-Gundam came out the next year, 1985, sporting variable mobile suits that
>were more "realistic" than Macross' Veritechs in that they didn't attempt
>to turn into exact replicas of vintage jet fighters but merely adopted a
>more functional shape. But Gundam was definitely imitating Macross,
>following a trend set by rival Tatsunoko.
>Z-Gundam begat Gundam-ZZ in 1986, which led into the Gundam-clone Dragonar
>in 1987, the 5th anniversary of Macross. There was no Gundam on air at
>this time, during which Tomino prepared for what he thought would be the
>final chapter, CCA, in 1988.
>This brings us to 1989, the 10th anniversary of Gundam, and Gundam 0080.
>It's also the 5th anniversary of Macross the Movie. And Tomino's not
>involved. We have instead the writing team of Kyosuke Yuki (scenario) and
>Hiroyuki Yamaga (screenplay), who will change the face of Gundam forever by
>introducing the Zeon-as-Nazi angle, the use of real-world weapon analogs
>(Walther P.08s for the Zeon and 9mm Colts for the Federation) ... and the
>United Nation Troops (UNT) Spacy.
>It's now the 20th anniversary and the idea is to return to the basics. The
>UNT is out and the EFSF is in. For that matter, the Dukedom/Archduke is
>out and the Principality/Sovereign is in. But we have all of that UNT
>insignia on all of those old familiar models we want to reissue. What to do?
>The same grown-up-and-turned-pro fanboys who slapped the GUNDAM acronym
>back on the MG Gundam to the rescue. "UNT" wasn't the name of the military
>after all, just a particular branch of the military and just a particular
>line of MS.
>Ain't revisionism great?
But you have to notice Gundam's were never in such a thing called UNT Spacy,
This was introduced to us on Decals on MG models just as EFSF was. In fact I
have never heard either terms used at all in any of gundam. Well Gundam,
though a big Rival of Macross, was a whole different feel. Gundam had more
reality while Macross was more fantasy (and Singing). Z Gundam was no doubt
copy of Macross in MS design but the story was more dramatic (not to mention
no singing) which made it a lot better. Although I'm a sort-of Macross fan,
Macross 7 just slaughtered the series for me(with bad singing).

Did I mention the singing?

- Roger


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