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> The Korean knockoff that appeared on eBay, the URL to which Eddie posted
> the other day, is a knockoff in considerably more ways than one.

and a very bad one at that *groan* x_@
> I have Bandai Original Character Armored Lady 1/12 Scale Figure Model #3:
> Z-Gundam Lady.

OMG you have one!!! Any chance of a picture?

> A pre-pubescent girl this time,

urk, perhaps you can forget the picture. The Japanese always seem to
have this fascination with pre-pubescent/minor girls *shudder* I have
several figure modelling books. Hobby japan and Mediax come to mind,
and they are chock full of 'little girls', or image depicting 'little
girls' and I don't mean the SD kind, sometimes wearing little clothing.
Lessee, Hobby Japan Special Issue 70, 'Best of Figure' is reasonably
wholesome. Mediax Mook 11 'Figure Fanatics' is slightly scarier.
Goodness knows how I managed to not get them confiscated through

> she sports a Gundam-head
> helmet, shoulder-armor/air-intake/cockpit-hatch halter top, armored
> forearms with shield attached to left forearm, hip-armor bikini bottoms and
> "burnier slaster" leg-armor boots.

yup that just about sums up the one I saw some 10-15 years ago. Is it
resin/soft vinyl/injection? I just finished a soft vinyl Anice Farm,
and although the work is shoddy-ish, she still looks damn good time to
work on my Zugok now :)

                  Michael Ip

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