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>>> Ain't all this acronym rather similar to those from Macross?
>>hey yah! I never noticed that, but there was the UN Spacy in Macross, and
>>I'm sure some of those other acronyms were around in it. (EFSF sounds really
>>familiar - Earth Federation Space Forces? Idunno...)
>but ya gotta recognize, Gundam Came first :)

Yes and no.

Gundam did indeed come first, in 1979. At that time, however, it didn't
use any English-language insignia and the name of the Earth Federation
military was a Japanese phrase best translated as, well, Earth Federation
Military. English-speaking fans of that time routinely abbreviated it as
EFM, but it never appeared in the show or its then quite scarce literature.

Enter Macross, in 1982. Immensely successful, where Gundam had not
originally been, having become popular in reruns and with the release of
the compilation movies in 1981. Macross introduced the United Nations (UN)
Spacy and had all sorts of English-language emblems and trademarks slapped
on everything, this being considered cool by the kids of the time, most of
whom couldn't even read them.

Macross The Movie came out in the summer of 1984 and the whole thing
started all over again. Gundam, meanwhile, was still playing catch-up.
Z-Gundam came out the next year, 1985, sporting variable mobile suits that
were more "realistic" than Macross' Veritechs in that they didn't attempt
to turn into exact replicas of vintage jet fighters but merely adopted a
more functional shape. But Gundam was definitely imitating Macross,
following a trend set by rival Tatsunoko.

Z-Gundam begat Gundam-ZZ in 1986, which led into the Gundam-clone Dragonar
in 1987, the 5th anniversary of Macross. There was no Gundam on air at
this time, during which Tomino prepared for what he thought would be the
final chapter, CCA, in 1988.

This brings us to 1989, the 10th anniversary of Gundam, and Gundam 0080.
It's also the 5th anniversary of Macross the Movie. And Tomino's not
involved. We have instead the writing team of Kyosuke Yuki (scenario) and
Hiroyuki Yamaga (screenplay), who will change the face of Gundam forever by
introducing the Zeon-as-Nazi angle, the use of real-world weapon analogs
(Walther P.08s for the Zeon and 9mm Colts for the Federation) ... and the
United Nation Troops (UNT) Spacy.

It's now the 20th anniversary and the idea is to return to the basics. The
UNT is out and the EFSF is in. For that matter, the Dukedom/Archduke is
out and the Principality/Sovereign is in. But we have all of that UNT
insignia on all of those old familiar models we want to reissue. What to do?

The same grown-up-and-turned-pro fanboys who slapped the GUNDAM acronym
back on the MG Gundam to the rescue. "UNT" wasn't the name of the military
after all, just a particular branch of the military and just a particular
line of MS.

Ain't revisionism great?


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