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The Korean knockoff that appeared on eBay, the URL to which Eddie posted
the other day, is a knockoff in considerably more ways than one.

As noted by Kaworu Nagisa, this model isn't even a Gundam -- it's a VF-1S
Valkyrie from Macross.

But it's not, as others have noted, based on Mika Akitaka's "Les MS Girls"
series of pubescent (13 to 14 year old) girls in Gundam armor. It's
actually a ripoff of a model line put out by Bandai in 1985, called Armored

I have Bandai Original Character Armored Lady 1/12 Scale Figure Model #3:
Z-Gundam Lady. A pre-pubescent girl this time, she sports a Gundam-head
helmet, shoulder-armor/air-intake/cockpit-hatch halter top, armored
forearms with shield attached to left forearm, hip-armor bikini bottoms and
"burnier slaster" leg-armor boots. The ad copy reads: "When girls who were
born in Armored City grow up 10 years old, put on her armored suit and take
part in a battle simulation. Z-GUNDAM LADY Changeable mobile suit
MSZ-006. Used an alloy of gundarium and gunma. The beam saber and
grenaderancher are contained as the head volcannon. And the elastic beam
rifle is contained as the standard equipment."

Please note that she's a Gundam Lady, not a Lady Gundam -- the Korean
company seems to have reversed the naming convention in addition to
changing the armor from Gundam to Macross.

The term "Lady Gundam" has been used for a Gundam product, but not a model.
 It's the name for a 500-piece 15" x 21" (381mm x 533.4mm) jigsaw puzzle
depicting Elpeo Ple from Gundam ZZ. This item was still available for
US$20.95 from Nikaku Animart the last time I looked.

That's consistent, at least: the Armored Lady Z-Gundam Lady and Lady Gundam
Elpeo Ple were both 10 years old....


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