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Sun, 03 Oct 1999 15:56:36 EDT

Mark Simmons Wrote
> Kondo's little exercise in accounting for Char's activities between the
>original series and Z Gundam is just one of many that various fan artists
>have cooked up. Don't lose any sleep trying to shoehorn it into regular
>Gundam continuity.
>-- Mark

Ok, but all things being equal, what say
Hyman gets promoted after 0083, he and
Bosque have to cover up the Gundam Project
that lead up to the Delaz colony incident.
But knowing Jamitov not wanting to throw
away a perfectly good tactical system, he
could have shipped all the Gundam info off
to Jupiter, with whatever scientists would
go, that keeps anyone from discovering it
and lets him develop Gundams for the long
term of his regime.

The scientists take forever getting out to
Jupiter, and equally long getting back, by
then, the Titans crew types have to test the
thing, and give it a shakedown all their own.

Just being devil's advocate here...

Now for Canon stuff, Mark if your out there...

Just when DID the work on the Mk II begin,
does anyone know that? Was it immediately after
the one year war, after AEUG got the Galbaldy B
or at some other time...


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