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Sun, 3 Oct 1999 13:32:06 -0400

>One thing to remember though...without the influx of new ideas or
>influences, any movement/institution/system becomes vulnerable to being
>outmoded. The fact that there have been some good cartoons like
>Centurions, Spiral Zone, Gargoyles and the like, not to mention the anime
>feel of Batman, Superman and the like in the newer cartoon versions does
>give rise to the fact that cross-cultural influences are a good thing.
>True, a lot of american cartoon shows are barely anything more than
>merchandising for the toys, but i prefer to see the ones which are good,
>and believe me, it's time that anime also look to external influences. A
>good example of a nice cartoon scene that is american. In the advetnures
>of Superman, when the teenaged clark just jumps off the cliff in
>frustration and suddenly flies...that is one good scene! or the design of
>the kryptonian technology...these are examples of good cartoon work.

 Whatever... but you must know that the Japanese thought
 and culture is very different from the American. This
 simple logic explains why to someone's opinion, anime
 is better than cartoons and vice versa. It just depends
 on one's upbringing and what one is willing to accept
 afterwards. Personally, I keep an open mind about things.
 Sure, some cartoons may be good and all, but I would
 never say that it would come at par with anime. In my
 opinion, some things are better left as they are. Just
 imagine if there would come a time when Americans are
 directing anime... brr... gives me the shivers... ~_~

>Yes, these series have become messed up, but then, these were brought in for a very merhcandise based reason (robotech was actually a decent rewriting and unification of a lot of anime series put together) . Also, >remember...anime was looked upon as inferior for a very long time in the
>US, and is still not exactly a household thing. with a nation as large as
>the US, change comes usually in a slow manner. I expect that as all
>influences become more global, that there will be a blurring of the lines
>of anime and western cartoons, which isn't such a bad thing.

 I dunno... it's still not right. I mean, look at the
 cartoons we have nowadays; the better anime gets, the
 worse cartoons become (Geez... look at Princess Tenko).
 Well, not all of them of course. But if you think about
 it, there is really no need to take cartoons seriously
 as no one even dies in them. That fact alone tells how
 shallow and "kid's stuff" all cartoons are, and
 unfortunately, anime gets mistaken to be no different.
 Don't you just hate it when someone would say; "You
 still watch that?" or "Aren't you a bit too old to
 be watching cartoons?", and that is, while you're
 watching a good anime? Let's face it, there's a
 wall between anime and cartoons... and it's what
 makes anime so great, and I consider myself lucky that
 I'm one of those who are "blessed" to see this wall.

Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)

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