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Well well well...

The MG Alex isn't on Japanese store shelves yet, but I managed to get two
already. One of them will go on eBay by 6PM Pacific time on Sunday evening,
unless I get a reasonable bid before then. If you mail off payment by Monday
there's a good chance you will get the kit by Saturday this week.

Box size is about the same as the MG GP-01Fb. Kit comes with the Alex, its
armor (with openable parts on the shoulders and the cockpit hatch, which has
Chris in her red and white normal suit sitting inside), shield, beam rifle,
and beam sabers. The final kit looked better than the prototype sketches and
photos I've seen on and off the web - even in full armor mode, the Alex looked
like a lean and mean machine, unlike its chubby 1/144 cousin, which I never

The leg of the MG Alex shares similar construction with the MG Mk-II in that
the leg armor (not the extra armor) is movable to reveal the detailed
mechanism underneath, which upon initial examination appears to be a near
identical reproduction of the design from the MG Mk-II.

Three types of hands are provided, besides the usual trigger hand and closed
fists, what will really rock your world is the fully articulated hands, much
like the MG Dom's, which allows fully independent articulation in each of
the 5 fingers. I am REALLY impressed that Bandai was able to scaled down
the fully articulated hand for the MG Alex, wonder if this will make them
retool all existing MG kits to reflect this major milestone. Maybe people
will be ordering a lot of finger parts from the MG Alex to upgrade their old
MG fed suits... hehe.

The hidden gatling gun is kinda expected, and most of you probably know about
it already, so no need to elaborate on that.

I am really surprised that the MG Alex came out before the MG RickDom... but
I ain't complaining. :) Other than this decal on the leg armor which


No typos, that's exactly how it appeared on the box illustration (which, BTW,
is still CG and was done by Yuji Kaida). The background was definitely CG,
but the Alex itself looked almost like it could have been hand-painted.


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