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>I know what you mean, I was just getting silly :) I was comparing the Flat's
>feet with high heels. Someone said something about the Flats feet not
>or looking strudy and sinking into the ground, but the Flat, like women with
>high heels, still walks just fine and doesn't sink into the ground unless
>soft, muddy, etc and like high heels, the Flats feet can support weight. I
>really don't care if it could walk in real life or not, its a robot from a
>science ficiton anime, you know?

Exactly...those designs are meant to be fantastic, LOL! I've always
wondered though, whether it's the ground that will cave in or if the legs
will buckle first. Do we already have material technology good enough to
withstand the stresses that large mechanical legs will go through? or
should that also be considered part of sci-fi as well?

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