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 Well, I haven't gotten the 1/100 Turn A yet, but for me, its because its
 shield and gun can be stored on its back and the opening chest missiles
 launchers. I like the 1/100 scale alot, that's my main reason for wanting
 1/100 Turn A kit. >>
Well I have both and I must admit the opening chest thing on the 1/100 is
kinda crappier then I expected. the two flaps on the bottom always fall out.
 And there are big gap areas in the chest to accomodate a couple of the
opening flaps. I almost prefer the interchangable 1/144 chest piece better.
But I love the separate fighter and the cockpit details. IT isn't that bad
and it is much closer to the correct colors. Painting the yellow shoulder
parts is a pain on the 1/144 because you have to undercoat it with white so
the paint gets kinda thick. Whereas the 1/100 has almost everything molded
in the correct color so you don't have to paint as much. Not that I really
mind painting. I just hate having to put more transparenter colors like red
or yellow on top of dark plastic since you need to undercoat everything.alot
to get the colors to look right.


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