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>> Sad but true. If the bazooka was really that effective, then why the
>>Feds don't use on all their MS. Or why the Zeons had to further develop the
>>Gelgoog, a MS that can actually wield a beam weapon. Hehehe... If you want
>>more proofs, just look at 0083. The majority of Rick Doms wield the machine
>>gun instead of the bazooka. I think the MG Dom shouldn't even come equipped
>>with the panzer fausts and machine gun. To me it's more like an after
>>thought with the folks at Bandai. And of course that's also an excuse for
>>them to jack up the model's price to 4000 yen. ;) Don't get me wrong, I
>>love the Dom, I bought the model despite of warnings from friends who
>>disliked the design. It's just that the thought of using a bazooka bugs me.
>> Well, that's it for now. Send in comments. I want to hear you folks'
>>view on the usage of a bazooka.
>well, I guess it's an anime thing once again, operating on the idea of what
>is cool. Technically, bazookas should be handed out when you've got
>heavily armored targets to kill. perhaps that was part of the idea behind
>the Dom, that it be more of a shipkiller.
Well Speaking of which the same Idea goes behind the heat saber, It can still
cut a GM up real good, I mean in such a big war I doubt you'll run into a
Gundam that easily. Oh yeah, you guys are saying that the Dom is supposed to
be some kind of support unit? Well I guess that make a lot of sense, but if so
why does it have a melee weapon like the Heat Saber, the Guncannon serves
almost the same purpose.

- Roger


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