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>Mineva or Minerva?
>Minerva is the latin name for Athena, goddess of war and scholarship. A
>more adapt first name for Dozhul's daughter.

I used to transliterate her name as Minerva for that very reason, but the
katakana rendering and pronunciation do not support it. It's written and
spoken as "Mi-ne-ba" and it's actually a judgement call as to whether to
make the third syllable out as a /v/ or /b/ phoneme. I use the /v/ because
it looks and sounds better to my Western ear. On the other hand, I used to
use "Zavi" for the same reason until I was forced by repeated usage to go
with the official spelling. See also "Zeon"....

Early on, I tried to find legitimate words to match all of the nonsensical
names that appear throughout Gundam, but it's a losing battle. This is the
daughter of a man named Dozle, after all, who in turn is the son of a man
named Degwin.

If I were to try and match Mineva's name up with a real-world name today,
I'd call her Minnever....


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