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>> Char's whereabouts are uncertain from the end of the
>> One Year War, 31 December 0079, to his return to the
>> Earth Sphere as Quattro Vezina, 21 December 0084.

>Actually, the whereabout of Char and Haman after
>"0083" is disclosed in "New MS Senki: Mobile Suit
>Gundam Short Story Collection" (published by Dengeki
>Comics, Japan), a one-volume collection of Gundam
>comic series written and drawn by the famous Kazuhisa
>In the short story "Jupiter (Zeus) in Operation
>Titan U.C. 0083", a team of Federal Force (Titans) MS
>made a surprise attack at a (Axis) Zeon's secret
>mining base on Jupiter's satellite, Ganymede. The
>Fed's MS were swiftly wiped out by the wire-guided
>weapons fired from a Zeon newtype MS. It turns out its
>pilot is Haman Khan, testing the AMX-103P "Waiqueure",
>a newtype-use prototype MS and a testbed for the
>eventual AMX-103 "Hama Hama" that appeared in "ZZ
>Gundam". Haman was accompanied and tutored,
>Lalah-style, by none other than Char, who was piloting
>MS15plus "Gyan EX" (an advanced version of YMS-15
>"Gyan", and a precede model for Neo-Zeon's AMX-104

Like most Kondoh side stories, this has to be taken with a considerable
amount of skepticism. There's certainly no other material to support this
and the distance between the Asteroid Belt and Jupiter is greater than you
might think. The Asteroid Belt begins about 2 AU (299,200,000 km) out.
Jupiter's over 5 AU (778,300,000 km) out. Even figuring the Asteroid Belt
to be a full AU wide, the distance from the outer reaches of the Belt to
Jupiter is twice a great as from the inner reaches of the Belt to Earth.

Kondoh's being cute here, just as he is giving Char a Gyann and naming
Haman's MS with a Japanese phonetic rendering of the German phonetic
rendering of the Old Norse word more commonly rendered in English as

>And btw, the correct date of Char sneaked back to
>Earth was September 21, UC 0084, not December.

So 'tis. My mind was going one way and my fingers another -- I retyped
December from the date of the end of the One Year War in the previous line.


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