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> > Haven't you realized that western cartoons lack a lot of
> > things that made them less successful in comparison to
> > anime in general? Now, you want anime to be stained w/
> > such a thing? You know, the Japanese have a totally
> > different culture than the Western people, and it shows
> > in the kind of animation (story) they have. For example,
> > Syd Mead's MS designs... eventhough Tomino approved of it, it was still
> Syd who designed it. I mean, an apple
> > will never be an orange no matter what you try to do to
> > it. You see what I'm getting at? I guess part of what
> > makes anime so great is the elements it has that we
> > don't find in it's western counterparts. IMO, let's
> > just leave it at that.
> One thing to remember though...without the influx of new ideas or
> influences, any movement/institution/system becomes vulnerable to being
> outmoded. The fact that there have been some good cartoons like
> Centurions, Spiral Zone, Gargoyles and the like, not to mention the anime
> feel of Batman, Superman and the like in the newer cartoon versions does
> give rise to the fact that cross-cultural influences are a good thing.
> True, a lot of american cartoon shows are barely anything more than
> merchandising for the toys, but i prefer to see the ones which are good,
> and believe me, it's time that anime also look to external influences. A
> good example of a nice cartoon scene that is american. In the advetnures
> of Superman, when the teenaged clark just jumps off the cliff in
> frustration and suddenly flies...that is one good scene! or the design of
> the kryptonian technology...these are examples of good cartoon work.
> Look what a mess-up has become
> > of the tokusasu series the US companies have adapted,
> > Masked Rider... VR Troopers... Power Rangers... geez...
> > If I'm not mistaken, they've also made a lot of lousy
> > anime dubbing and adaptation in the past. What makes you think they'd
> actually make a good anime when all these
> > years they've known of anime and still refused to learn even a few good
> points from it to improve their own?
> >Kaworu Nagisa (aka Veilchen)
> Yes, these series have become messed up, but then, these were brought in
> for a very merhcandise based reason (robotech was actually a decent
> rewriting and unification of a lot of anime series put together) . Also,
> remember...anime was looked upon as inferior for a very long time in the
> US, and is still not exactly a household thing. with a nation as large as
> the US, change comes usually in a slow manner. I expect that as all
> influences become more global, that there will be a blurring of the lines
> of anime and western cartoons, which isn't such a bad thing.
> "Magic is the hand of faith..."

Very well said. That's kind of what I was thinking, but didn't respond,
because I couldn't think of how to say it.


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