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Another theme popped into my mind as I was driving home, the over reliance
of the Ultimate Weapon by Gundam villians and heroes. With the NBC
restriction of the Antartic Treaty, various party have to resort to funding
more and more exotic weapons to skirt around the ban.

During the OYW, each side fielded an Ultimate Weapon: Solar System for the
Federation, and Solar Ray Colony Laser for the Zeon. Each only fired once,
and was quite effective on both count. But consider this: Solar System was
a complete surprise to the Zeon, and lots of Federation as well. For it to
performed as well as it had, the surprise is the key factor. However,
Federation didn't use that system again until the Stardust incident. Solar
Ray is even worst. It took tremedous amount of energy, and time to charge
up the Colony Laser, and the end result is that it only fired once during
the entire war.

The trump card for the Titan conspirator was their Solar System II, which
for the purpose of surprise was not assembled until the moment it was
needed. It performed poorly mainly due to the system not being complete,
and the enemy being able to strike at the command ship, thus reducing the
energy the system produced. For the purpose of stopping the runaway colony,
it failed utterly.

The Gryps Colony Laser was an improvement over Zeon design. It can refire
in shorter duration, and the Titan used it as a terror weapon effectively.
Unfortunately, the Gryps Colony Laser was captured by AEUG and wipes out the
Titan fleet.

Apparently the Zanscare Empire didn't exactly learn from history and went
ahead to build attack satellite Kairas Giri and Psycommu Fortress Angel
Halo. Kairas Giri was captured by League Militaire and wipe out a good deal
of Zanscare fleet. Angel Halo never achieve the ultimate goal of "Earth

And off from UC timeline, Gundam Wing also has similiar problem. Romefeller
Foundation build Space Fortress Libra as their ultimate weapon to control
Earth Sphere. White Fang took it over and wipe out the Foundation's space
fleet, and uses its main gun to take pot shot at Earth.

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