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I know of this effect. I used it once on one of my models. But do not use
plan thinner. Very diluted gray paint sprayed over the final kit helps
everything blend together. But like Mark pointed out before, using Pastels
works just as good.

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>> > Just wondering does anyone know how to get the faded look that those
>> > people do on models? (not weathering,I know how to do that)
>> >
>> > - Roger
>>I almost want to say it's a trick of light. Occasionally The light comes
>>at odd angles and I get the odd, faded effect you're talking about on
>>parts of it. I'm not sure though, I just put 'em together and detail 'em.
>>Is Probe still on the list? He would probably know.
>>Matt "pointless babble" Hanyok
>Probe is currently residing on the Anime-Models ML, waiting for the
>Golden Days of the GML to return again before he comes back to the list :)
>Actually, I think he's waiting for Turn-A to pass :) So I will impart a
>helpful hint on his behalf: Pastels. You can get them at art stores; use a
>pastel slightly darker than the base color of paint you have applied,
>up and apply gently around the edged or panel lines of the model. This is
>cheaper alternative to airbrushing...light dust coats of a lighter color
>also work.
>Mark Kai
Well That really doesn't matter since I recently bought an airbrush. I had
gundam perfect models catalog and in the back the guy had some clear stuff
the color cup of his airbrush, I think its thinner but I really don't wanna
mess up so I figure I'll ask around first. I did something similar with a
really reduced white but I don't think that how they do it so I was just

Thanks a lot guys!! :)

- Roger

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