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Nightingale writes,

>Actually, the whereabout of Char and Haman after
>"0083" is disclosed in "New MS Senki: Mobile Suit
>Gundam Short Story Collection" (published by Dengeki
>Comics, Japan), a one-volume collection of Gundam
>comic series written and drawn by the famous Kazuhisa

And Neil Baumgardner asks,

> Wow, I've never heard of this before. In what timeframe
>(months) does this take place? Is this considered cannonical?

  <laffs> Not any more canonical than any of Kondo's other fanciful
fanfics, which typically feature various Neo Zeon groups gallivanting
around the solar system with a menagerie of out-of-continuity props.
Aside from his short-lived Side Story of Z Gundam comic, which quickly
wandered off into the weeds, Kondo doesn't seem to accept the existence
of the Titans, so he gives the Zeons all their stuff. :-)

  Kondo's little exercise in accounting for Char's activities between the
original series and Z Gundam is just one of many that various fan artists
have cooked up. Don't lose any sleep trying to shoehorn it into regular
Gundam continuity.

-- Mark

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