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> Sad but true. If the bazooka was really that effective, then why the
>Feds don't use on all their MS. Or why the Zeons had to further develop the
>Gelgoog, a MS that can actually wield a beam weapon. Hehehe... If you want
>more proofs, just look at 0083. The majority of Rick Doms wield the machine
>gun instead of the bazooka. I think the MG Dom shouldn't even come equipped
>with the panzer fausts and machine gun. To me it's more like an after
>thought with the folks at Bandai. And of course that's also an excuse for
>them to jack up the model's price to 4000 yen. ;) Don't get me wrong, I
>love the Dom, I bought the model despite of warnings from friends who
>disliked the design. It's just that the thought of using a bazooka bugs me.
> Well, that's it for now. Send in comments. I want to hear you folks'
>view on the usage of a bazooka.

well, I guess it's an anime thing once again, operating on the idea of what
is cool. Technically, bazookas should be handed out when you've got
heavily armored targets to kill. perhaps that was part of the idea behind
the Dom, that it be more of a shipkiller.

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