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>> > Just wondering does anyone know how to get the faded look that those
>> > people do on models? (not weathering,I know how to do that)
>> >
>> > - Roger
>>I almost want to say it's a trick of light. Occasionally The light comes in
>>at odd angles and I get the odd, faded effect you're talking about on some
>>parts of it. I'm not sure though, I just put 'em together and detail 'em.
>>Is Probe still on the list? He would probably know.
>>Matt "pointless babble" Hanyok
>Probe is currently residing on the Anime-Models ML, waiting for the
>Golden Days of the GML to return again before he comes back to the list :)
>Actually, I think he's waiting for Turn-A to pass :) So I will impart a
>helpful hint on his behalf: Pastels. You can get them at art stores; use a
>pastel slightly darker than the base color of paint you have applied, grind
>up and apply gently around the edged or panel lines of the model. This is a
>cheaper alternative to airbrushing...light dust coats of a lighter color
>also work.
>Mark Kai
Well That really doesn't matter since I recently bought an airbrush. I had the
gundam perfect models catalog and in the back the guy had some clear stuff in
the color cup of his airbrush, I think its thinner but I really don't wanna
mess up so I figure I'll ask around first. I did something similar with a
really reduced white but I don't think that how they do it so I was just

Thanks a lot guys!! :)

- Roger


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