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Matt Hanyok wrote:

> > Wow, I've never heard of this before. In what timeframe (months) does
> > this take
> > place? Is this considered cannonical? This would have the Mk II
> > around _four_
> > years before Zeta!
> That really doesn't seem all that surprising. I mean, Logically, the Mk II
> is the next step up from Alex (who, technically, was the next step up from
> the original RX-78). The Alex was being developed in 0080, I would think
> that 3 years later they would have some kind of working prototype for the Mk
> II 178 gundam.

    Except that they just had/have the Gundam Development Project of 0083, with
    three different Gundam prototypes and afterwards are undergoing a sort of
    anti-Gundam sentiment in the Fed./Titan leadership as a result of the Delaz
    Having the Mk II in 0083/84 would suggest that the Gundam Development
    Project and Mk II development were conducted near simultaneously.

> Although, having one four years before Zeta, it kind of makes
> you wonder why there weren't more than three of 'em in the series.


    Neil Baumgardner

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