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>> Nightingale wrote:
>> Actually, the whereabout of Char and Haman after
>> "0083" is disclosed in "New MS Senki: Mobile Suit
>> Gundam Short Story Collection" (published by
>> Dengeki Comics, Japan), a one-volume collection of
>> Gundam comic series written and drawn by the famous
>> Kazuhisa Kondo. In the short story "Jupiter (Zeus)
>> in Operation Titan U.C. 0083", a team of Federal
>> Force (Titans) MS made a surprise attack at a
>> Zeon's secret mining base on Jupiter's satellite,
>> Ganymede. The Fed's MS were swiftly wiped out by
>> wire-guided weapons fired from a Zeon newtype MS.
>> turns out its pilot is Haman Khan, testing the
>> AMX-103P "Waiqueure", a newtype-use prototype MS
>> a testbed for the eventual AMX-103 "Hama Hama" that

>> appeared in "ZZ Gundam". Haman was accompanied and
>> tutored, Lalah-style, by none other than Char, who
>> was piloting MS15plus "Gyan EX" (an advanced
>> of YMS-15 "Gyan", and a precede model for
>> AMX-104 "R-Jarja"). The practice was cut short by
>> incoming "Gundam" which almost took out "Waiqueure"

>> and Haman, but dispelled by Char in the last
>> Both parties retreated, and the "Gundam" turns out
>> to be the 3rd prototype of Titan's RX-178 "Gundam
>> mkII", piloted by Peptimus Scirocco, the commander
>> of Fed's "Jupitorus" space transport stationed in
>> Jupiter orbits. Scirocco told his colleague,
>> doesn't suit me at all", before they returned to >>
> Wow, I've never heard of this before. In what
> timeframe (months) does this take place? Is this
> considered cannonical? This would have the Mk II
> around _four_years before Zeta!

Kondo was smart not to state explicitly when, but with
the appearance of Sirocco and a prototype Gundam
that'll evolve into "Gundam mkII", plus the fact that
Char returned to Earth in the later half of UC 0084,
we can deduce the accident happened sometime during
the first half of UC 0084.

Actually, that "mk II prototype" wielded a shield that
resemble to that of GP-01's, and of course there's a
good 3 years time for the Titans to come up w/ the
completed mkIIs, so thet leave Kondo a lot of room to

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