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Master Asia wrote:

> Actually those aren't Gundam girls.

I gathered that :)

>I've seen 2 of them and I don't know if
> there are more but I've seen a Mk. II girl and a Zeta girl and those were from
> bandai if a recall correctly. So I figure thats a bootleg or something.... of
> course I could be wrong.

I have indeed seen some more legitimate looking Gundam gal kits. IIRC
it was in Hongkong in either 1985 or 1988. i only saw the box but as
you point out there was a cute Z Gal kit. Shows a L O T more flesh than
the one on ebay. Basically it was a female in a ZG 'bikini' bu that was
a LONG time ago >_<

                  Michael Ip

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