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Kev K wrote:
> Okay new topic folks. In the third Gundam Movie, "Encounters in Space", we
> see the climatic battle between the Feds and Zeons. What bothers me is the
> fact that Zeons lost the war to the punny Feds. We know that Zeons have the
> outdated Zakus going up against the more agile and better equipped GM. But
> what about the Gelgood units?? Weren't they designed to tackle Gundam or
> the GMs?? Well, my speculation is this, the Zeons lost the battle because
> they lost all their valuable Tacticians. Giren Zabi, he's very much like a
> Hitler figure, extremelly cunning and a master tactician. Kishiria Zabi,
> don't know much about her tactic abilities but I assume she's not very far
> from Giren. Delaz, ran away, nuff' said. ^_^ So without these commanders
> in action the whole Zeon army were probably all confused and had no clue
> what to do. It's really a shame to see it end this way. I expect the Feds
> to Nuke A Bao A Qu or something. Hehe I guess after seeing the game Giren's
> Greed I've been craving for the alternative ending. So this is only my
> speculation, no real proofs or anything so don't go picky on details. I
> just want to share my views with fellow gundam fans.

The Feds could not nuke the Zeon HQ (Antarctic treaty, do you
remember?). I see things a little differently.
First of all the MS-14 were a limited mass production. The best, veteran
Zeon pilots were killed in action. The Feds were more numerous. Tactics
too was a factor but we must not understimate the raw power of the
Federal fleet.

Bye, Vincenzo

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