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I haven't been following this thread because it got boring :P, but then
I saw high-heels somewhere and it got me excited, then I traced it back
to this thread.

Mark Simmons wrote:
> Eddie writes,
> Words of wisdom. So, deep breath, and let's venture again into the
> fray. Looks like we have a couple of miscommunications here, some of them
> mine, so let's make like newtypes and try to resolve the confusion in a
> spiritually advanced manner. :-)

You know, if someone makes your blood boil, just take it easy. I know,
I used to work in pharmacy, and I'd see people every day on high blood
pressure tablets, gastric ulcer medication, anxiolytic medication, all
because of stress. I almost fell into the trap myself, not long ago I
was working 70 hour weeks straight for 3 months (straight after
finishing my thesis), but I remembered to take it easy and I
survived.. There's no way I am never going to die of a heart attack
:) Take the stress free way out, you'll feel a much better person.

> >Judging by the well-researched articles published in the magazine (one of
> >which has been translated by yours truly earlier this week which few read)
> Really long messages don't normally generate much response from this
> list (as I've often found). But I read and enjoyed it.

Well I don't think it was the length. Judging by the topic of many of
the posts, most people appear to be <shield>modellers or tech heads
over physics and debating which MS is better</shield>. It
gets repetitive, but so long as it is about Gundam I really can't
        Posts regarding themes in Gundam and philosophising in the
story line really doesn't happen too much - and posts like 'what
to Amuro and Char between 0080 and 0086' don't count they are just
questions about events.
        As for Eddies big post, that was definitely one of the best posts I
have seen on this ML. I haven't thought much about replying to it
because I don't feel I am qualified to debate and back up some of the
points. I haven't watched TOS for, like well, 19 years :P

                  Michael Ip

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