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Kev K wrote:

> I mean how many rounds can you shoot with a bazooka?!? Five? Or Ten
> rounds? And after that, no reloads. Unless you go back to your mothership
> or base to get another one. Beam rifles and machine guns can be reloaded
> since the battery packs and magazines are usually attached to the waist.
> Not to mention how cumbersome the bazooka can be during battles, since a gun
> is more lighter and maneuverable to use. And also the warhead travels much
> slower on a bazooka. Most of the time I see Mobile Suits evading a bazooka
> warhead more easily than a gun. The gun can random shoot and still hit the
> opponent more accurately. So what's been on the designers' minds??

I think the bazooka is meant for capital ships that are much bigger and
slower than MSes.


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