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   Okay, so I'm crazy over the OYW designs, much like all old school gundam
fans. I want to talk about the Zeon MS Dom. Okay so we know it has the
hovering ability, which makes it a very agile MS. That's a good thing, since
fast moving targets are harder to shoot down compared to a running MS.
Second, the beam scattering weapon. I don't know much about this little
gadget except for the very few usages seen in the Second Gundam
Movie,"Soldiers of Sorrow" and the gouf battle episode in 8th MS team.
Supposely it's used to blind the opponent during the battle but it doesn't
seem to be quite effective in the shows. But if you played the PSX CCA game
you'll notice how extremelly cheap and powerful this weapon can be. Don't
know what you guys think about this, but personally I think this is a hell
of a weapon. Now, the bazooka. Okay when we see war movies we always go,
"Yay, look at that big ass weapon. It can take down everything with one
blow. And it looks awesome." (Well, at least that's how I feel. ^o^) Based
on my judgement through the gundam shows/movies I've seen, bazookas aren't
that effective in MS warfare.
    I mean how many rounds can you shoot with a bazooka?!? Five? Or Ten
rounds? And after that, no reloads. Unless you go back to your mothership
or base to get another one. Beam rifles and machine guns can be reloaded
since the battery packs and magazines are usually attached to the waist.
Not to mention how cumbersome the bazooka can be during battles, since a gun
is more lighter and maneuverable to use. And also the warhead travels much
slower on a bazooka. Most of the time I see Mobile Suits evading a bazooka
warhead more easily than a gun. The gun can random shoot and still hit the
opponent more accurately. So what's been on the designers' minds?? Who
knows. It could be because of the costs. Or maybe those silly designers'
thought, "Hey this weapon would look good on Dom. Who cares about the
weapons's accuracy, it's not our problem. It's our buyer's. So let's get the
money and jet."
    Sad but true. If the bazooka was really that effective, then why the
Feds don't use on all their MS. Or why the Zeons had to further develop the
Gelgoog, a MS that can actually wield a beam weapon. Hehehe... If you want
more proofs, just look at 0083. The majority of Rick Doms wield the machine
gun instead of the bazooka. I think the MG Dom shouldn't even come equipped
with the panzer fausts and machine gun. To me it's more like an after
thought with the folks at Bandai. And of course that's also an excuse for
them to jack up the model's price to 4000 yen. ;) Don't get me wrong, I
love the Dom, I bought the model despite of warnings from friends who
disliked the design. It's just that the thought of using a bazooka bugs me.
   Well, that's it for now. Send in comments. I want to hear you folks'
view on the usage of a bazooka.

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