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I think any woman will tell you that they have trouble walking on soft ground in
high heels because the heel digs in to the ground. But the same principle
applies to baseball cleats, and football boots. They get their grip because the
sprigs, spikes dig into the ground. Both the stilletos and the cleats/spikes dig
in to the ground but one severely restricts human movement while the other
enhances it. So it's not a question of whether the feet of a MS digs into the
ground or not but how much, and in what way.

Of course, any MS walking on Earth will sink in to the ground to a certain
extent. The ground, regardless of type, can only sustain so much force on a given
area. But the same applies for any living creature walking on the face of the
Earth,and they leave behind things called foot prints.

I am sure that everyone will agree that stilleto type footwear will severely
restrict movement on 'soft' or rough surfaces. And this fact will not change
whether you are a woman, a 50ft giant, or a MS.

Everything on earth is affected by gravity, and the Flat is no exception. The
design of the feet on this MS will hinder walking on Earth.

Weight distribution is crucial on Earth. And asphalt isn't really hard. On a
warm/hot day a motorcycle parked on its side stand on asphalt will always fall
over because the asphalt cannot sustain the force exerted through the stand. The
only way to avoid this if the bike doesn't have a center stand is to carry a flat
pad which sits under the stand to increase the contact area and distribute the
force over a wider area.

You can walk on soft deep snow if you have snow shoes but you won't get far on
high heels.

Tet wrote:

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> writes:
> > Time tested? I don't believe a 22 ton eagle, with the feet you describe,
> > could walk easily across a field without its feet sinking into the ground.
> > I mean, bugs can walk across water because of water tension. Even a 10
> > pound droid, with the same feet, couldn't do that because the water tension
> > doesn't change just because the size of the thing changed.
> I will also add that women wear high heel shoes and they seem to stand up
> just fine and don't sink into the ground. But, the Flat also weighs tons,
> compared to a human. The Flat's feet would probably sink, but not that much.
> I like the Flats feet too. Besides, its just anime, not real life.
> Aaron
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