Fri, 1 Oct 1999 19:33:01 EDT

About the Flats feet. There's no point to argue about its feet. The designers
for the Turn A mecha, will take liberties on what is physically possible on a
robot and will design the robot the way they want it to look like, wither its
practical or not. Giant humanoid robots like an MS do not exist, currently.
What's practical doesn't have to apply to a anime, movie, etc. Yes, sometimes
they will go a little too far with impractical stuff, even in science
fiction. The Flat has impractical pointy feet, so what, it doesn't bother me
one bit. This is fiction, and Turn doesn't seem to apply to the standard
Gundam rules, either. Meaning, the first Gundam was supposed to be a
realistic robot and all other Gundam's have been held to this, at least in
most cases. It could be in the UC or AC, we don't know. But, since they are
digging up UC MS and there's Zaku's in it, it could be UC.


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