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> Subject: Re: [gundam] Turn-A

> I see we're just arguing for argument's sake now... so let's get to it.
> Syd's designs for Short Circuit had to take into consideration of the need
> an actual, operational droid the props/effects guys have to build (no CG
> luxury back then), so he did not have the kind of freedom to come up with
> physically improbably designs as he had in Turn A, where the suits will be
> animated, and no actual, operational mock-ups will be needed.

Well, I'm not really arguing for argument's sake so much as trying to find
out how you justify claiming that an industrial designer is incapable of
creating mechanical designs (basically your original statement). And you
still haven't explained that. Whether he did in Turn A's case with any of
those mechs is besides the point.

> Let's not detract from the issue here. I am talking about the Flat, not the
> Turn A, and I did not cite Zeta Gundam as a basis of comparison to support
> my argument. -Z- is the most vocal supporter of Zeta, so don't put words in
> my mouth now. But since we're arguing for argument's sake now, I will go for
> it some more... most of the ones from Zeta you are looking at are probably
> space combat ones, which did not have to fight within the restraints of the
> atmosphere and earth gravity, thus their pointy feet is less of a problem
> than for the Flat, which was designed to be entry-capable and therefore
> should have taken such factors into consideration, despite its being a Moon
> Race produced suit. If the Zeon engineers could build amphibious suits
> when they've spent most of their lives in a space colony, then there is no
> excuse for a Moon Race engineer to not be aware of the factors involved in
> operating a suit within the earth atmosphere, if they were serious on
> returning to earth and were prepared to fight for it.

And with no data to back up what you said about the Flat you still say that
thing stretches believability too far. Back it up. Not just with "Aw,
come on, just look at," but something more. And if all those designs from
Z Gundam just happen to be for space combat what do they need fully working
legs and feet for? Maybe you're arguing for argument's sake, but I'd still
like to see you back up what you said. Show me where the Flat's feet would
not work. Maybe in a swamp, sure, but in a city or hard earth conditions,
what then? I mean, I don't care what you cite as a reason for your
conclusion if there enough examples of high-heeled mechs or mechs with
feet that could sink into the earth such that you shouldn't single out Mead
as being so far and away shittier than other mech designers.


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