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> as i said, why not? it will add new blood to anime. There's always teh
> complaint that gundam is already looking like derivatives of itself, so why
> notinject something utterly new? Sure, it may be ugly, it may be utterly
> ridiculous, but the fact is, it will get minds working in different ways.

Excatly what I was thinking. By introducing the Turn A, it will compell mecha
designers to try to make a better looking robot or a more daring design. The
Turn A could make mecha designers start to make some never before seen
designs before. I love mecha, but alot of them are starting to look similar
to each other, even in different anime. Don't get me wrong mecha are cool and
I like them alot, but mecha, espically Gundam, from any series, espically the
Gundam(s) itself, where starting to become similar looking, until Turn A came
out. Wonder what the mid show replacement for the Turn A will look like? The
Turn A's successor is going to be the Turn X, isn't it? I really want to see
some good pictures of the Turn X.


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