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>>What really makes laugh is how people seem to think that the fact Tomino had
>>final say in the Turn A's appearance makes it okay.
> Oh, bite me. I was addressing the "national disgrace" line, which was
>originally attributed to Tomino. If Tomino masterminded the Turn A's
>appearance, the presumably he did _not_ call it a national disgrace at a
>Kadokawa party, as was rumored this spring. Thus there is nobody in Japan
>who has described it in those words. Do you follow?

Search through the archives, at no point in time did I attribute this
remark to Tomino. Are words being put in my mouth? And if Tomino did not
make such a remark, then nobody in Japan has described the Turn A thus so?
Now I wish I had taken some advanced logic courses in college, because my
little brain is not equipped to make such logical leaps. ;)

An exact quote from p17 of the July 1999 issue of Image magazine:
"Even the Japanese initially called the design (Turn A) a 'national shame'."

Judging by the well-researched articles published in the magazine (one of
which has been translated by yours truly earlier this week which few read)
and the publisher's close proximity to Japan, I see little reason to
discredit these printed words, which shoulder the responsibility of
journalistic integrity, unlike words that are being spewed out on the net.
Which I always take with a big chunk of salt.

>>Three words:
> Hah! You were the guy who penned a point-by-point comparison of Turn A
>and Phantom Menace back before Lucas's pile of trash had been released,
>earnestly documenting how the Star Wars movie was superior in every way.
>Why don't you wait to actually see things before passing judgement on them?

Your own argument cuts both ways, and applies equally well to those who come
to defend the Turn A without having ever seen a single episode.

I *did* see the first three episode already, and things haven't been
promising enough to make me following up on them (unlike Eva, for exmaple)...
even you, the annointed Gundam guru, who sticked to your guns and followed
through G and V when they initially aired, have admitted to seeing only 2
episodes so far. So that was enough of a basis for you to defend it, but
obviously not enough for me to criticize?

And FYI, that Lucas movie you so casually refer to as a "pile of trash" has
made more money than any movie to come out this year, yes, even
"The Six Sense", which showed better staying power that Episode I at the box
office. If Episode I was indeed a "pile of trash" as you put it, then would
you mind explaining why people give this movie so much repeat business it
does not deserve as a "pile of trash"? Are these the same mindless drones
that run to the rescue of the Turn A as well, out of sheer goodwill based on
the creator's past success? This is the parallel I've been trying to
illustrate here, but no one seems to get the point. You've seen and decided
that Lucas' creation sucks, yet you don't hesitate to defend the Turn-A
without having seen enough yourself.

I am not trying to defend The Phantom Menance here. Sure, I was disappointed.
Sure, box office success does not equate to artistic success, but you cannot
deny that many have rationalized the acceptance of Turn A based on Tomino's
blessing, and if I remember correctly, we are talking about the design of the
MS itself, not the animated series as a whole.

I think what it really boils down to is the cultural clash. You have no
problem being critical on a fellow American's creation, but when it's an
American-design made for Japanese standards, any critical observation
automatically becomes an attack on American pride, whether you are
subconsciously aware of it or not. The self-defense mechanism just kicks in,
whether you admit it or not.


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