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> >Ah, the Alex isn't a newtype MS, is a MS for beings with
> fast reflexes.
> Actually the NT in NT-1 does mean NewType
> you need to be a NewType, with sixth sense
> like powers in order to really use the extra
> speed.
> Amuro was indeed just being a normal person
> in 0083, but Char well he was probably on his
> way to becoming Quattro Bagina...

RX-78NT1 is not a typical Newtype MS in the usual sense. At the time,
Federation has much less understanding of what a NT is, unlike Zeon who has
created the Flanagan Institute to study and utilize Newtype power. Since
the only known Newtype Feds has is Amuro, and he got classified because they
don't know how to catagorize him, who is complaining about being faster than
his mobile suit, they basically engineered a mobile suit to his need, which
is a suit much faster than a just out of basic training pilot like Christina
Mackenzie can handle. But it should work just fine for experience pilots.

The newtype mobile suit in the usual sense have features that normal pilots
cannot use, such as the bio-sensor (for better ms-pilot interaction), bits
and funnels (totally useless unless you have the brain power to stear them).

> To take the NT thing even further, I'd like a
> vote, how many people think NewTypes get their
> asses kicked in Flight Simulators, there is not
> much the machine is going to tell them about the
> opponent they are facing the way a person gives
> themselves away, sneaking up on a NewType, but
> the NT always seems to sense them...

If it's a realtime simulation against other pilots, a NT pilots should do
just fine. I believe that a good deal of NT's intuitive foresight is
nothing more than their ability to sense and broadcast empathy. In a
realtime simluation, they can still pick that up from the other pilots.
However, against an AI opponent, they would loose that edge.

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