Paul Fields (
Fri, 01 Oct 1999 16:37:21 EDT

>Ah, the Alex isn't a newtype MS, is a MS for beings with fast reflexes.

Actually the NT in NT-1 does mean NewType
you need to be a NewType, with sixth sense
like powers in order to really use the extra

Amuro was indeed just being a normal person
in 0083, but Char well he was probably on his
way to becoming Quattro Bagina...

To take the NT thing even further, I'd like a
vote, how many people think NewTypes get their
asses kicked in Flight Simulators, there is not
much the machine is going to tell them about the
opponent they are facing the way a person gives
themselves away, sneaking up on a NewType, but
the NT always seems to sense them...


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