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Winn Sevilla wrote:
> Just wanna know... during UC 0083, of which the Gundam Stardust Memory series
> were... what was Char Aznable & Amuro doing?
> COme to think of it, Having a nuclear capable mobile suit on the loose is
> something not to be ignored... so why is Amuro out of action then ?
> Like, after all, the Federation did build a newtype MS for Amuro from the 0080
> series... so why didn't they ask for Amuro's help back then ?
> And since Zeon has an advantage, why didn't Char come to Delar's aid to help
> him out?
> Just wanna know... If there is something to know.

Well, I think the Federation didn't put faith in Amuro and original
newtypes anymore. The Feds watched how a NT could become soon
uncontrollable because they are evolved human beings with personality
and power. Much easier to create artificial NT and brainwash them.
And Char, well, I do not see why he should give an hand to Delaz: he
dreamed a world of NewTypes not a new rise of Zeon, the same Zeon he
somehow destroyed when he killed Kishiria. The old Zeon wasn't what Char
Maybe Amuro was living like a normal person, eye controlled by the Feds
and Char was developing his organization, searching allies and so on.

Bye, Vincenzo

PS Ah, the Alex isn't a newtype MS, is a MS for beings with fast reflexes.

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