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>If Tomino masterminded the Turn A's
>appearance, the presumably he did _not_ call it a national disgrace at a
>Kadokawa party, as was rumored this spring. Thus there is nobody in Japan
>who has described it in those words.

  Actually, that didn't come out quite as I meant it; it would be more
accurate to say that the "national disgrace" line is a quote without
attribution. I'm sure that somebody somewhere must have characterized it
thus. But it presumably wasn't Tomino, or anybody else we can attribute
it to, nor does this necessarily represent the general Japanese point of
view on the series.

  Actually, one thing occurs to me regarding the model sales. I get the
impression that the cheapo 1/144 Turn A kits have been doing quite well,
whereas anecdotal evidence suggests that the expensive 1/100 ones
haven't. This might have a lot to do with the state of the Japanese
economy - dilettantes and kiddies can afford to shell out a few hundred
yen for a First Grade kit or a 1/144 Turn A kit, but the only people
willing to throw a couple thousand yen at a full-sized kit are the
nostalgic grown-ups who buy the Master Grade kits. Certainly, the
economic difference between now and when they brought out all those 1/100
Endless Waltz kits should be taken into consideration.

  That said, a 50% markdown is still pretty steep. ;-)

-- Mark

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