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Mirai writes,

>I follow japan.anime.gundam closely

  My mistake; there's evidently at least _one_ person on this list who
has an idea how Turn A is being received in Japan. Thanks for the field

Eddie writes,

>Well there you have it folks... facts speak for themselves better than our
>guesses. At over 50% off, this cannot be a sign of popularity or acceptance.

  Okay, you have a data point. Bully for you.

>What really makes laugh is how people seem to think that the fact Tomino had
>final say in the Turn A's appearance makes it okay.

  Oh, bite me. I was addressing the "national disgrace" line, which was
originally attributed to Tomino. If Tomino masterminded the Turn A's
appearance, the presumably he did _not_ call it a national disgrace at a
Kadokawa party, as was rumored this spring. Thus there is nobody in Japan
who has described it in those words. Do you follow?

>Three words:

  Hah! You were the guy who penned a point-by-point comparison of Turn A
and Phantom Menace back before Lucas's pile of trash had been released,
earnestly documenting how the Star Wars movie was superior in every way.
Why don't you wait to actually see things before passing judgement on them?

-- Mark

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