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> Subject: Re: [gundam] Turn-A

> >Uh, ya, a guy who makes his living designing real and not so real mechanical
> >objects (cars, boats, trains, buildings, spaceships, etc.) would be like a
> >fish out of water designing mechs. What? Maybe you mean he's ill equiped
> >to speak to the Japanese anime mindset, I'll go with you there, but don't
> >tell me you think you can rate his ability to render machines.
> Just look at the examples you've cited. Which ones involved multiple limbs
> hinged on moving joints like a mobile suit?

Ah, I see. If he hasn't done it before (I won't include his design for
the droid in "Short Circuit" because that movie was ass) then he's incapable
of doing it ever, years of training or not. Sure, that's my experience with
most draftsmen I've met, only capable of designing what they've designed
before. I wonder how they bootstrapped themselves into that position in the
first place?

> Did I say that the heel would fail? The point in bringing up the stress
> that'd be centered on the pointy heels is that the ground would have to be
> so tough, it would be virtually impossible for the Flat to be standing
> without the four points on its feet sinking into the earth unless it is
> standing on a reinforced metal surface.

Flip through the back half of the Gundam Mk-II/Super Gundam edition of the
Gundam Weapons series. Roughly a third of those mechs have a foot that
has either a heel or a front toe section that would sink into the earth
if the mechs actually existed. Mead didn't design any of them so I guess
*those* ones would function brilliantly. My point being that with all
the leaps of faith and logic that any sci-fi show would have, even one
like Gundam that tries to be realistic, you're bitching about the Turn
A's *heel*? Not mech feet in general, but just that one?


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