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> Just wanna know... during UC 0083, of which the Gundam
> Stardust Memory series
> were... what was Char Aznable & Amuro doing?
> COme to think of it, Having a nuclear capable mobile suit on
> the loose is something not to be ignored... so why is Amuro
> out of action then ?

Amuro is on his mansion under house arrest and surrounded by Federation
Intelligent agents disguised as servants. The Titan conspirators certainly
don't want his involvement. After all, they want the Delaz fleet to succeed
to a certain extend.

> And since Zeon has an advantage, why didn't Char come to
> Delaz's aid to help him out?

Char is on Axis at the time. Axis didn't directly involved with the
Stardust Incident except giving Delaz's fleet MA Neue Ziel and retrieving
Delaz personnel after the conflict. Besides, at the time, Axis itself is
still heading away from Earth Sphere.

Delaz raised his standard in the name of Giren Zabi, which differs from that
of Axis who are the followers of Dozul Zabi.

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