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Thu, 30 Sep 1999 21:58:14 PDT

> > It was the first sanctioned Gundam designed by a gaijin, Syd Mead, who's
> > done designs for a few Hollywood films and was best remembered for his
> > designs used in Blade Runner. It was supposed to be a perfect marriage
> > between the West and the East, but what we got is... what the Japanese
> > dub the "national shame".
>okay, do people in Japan REALLY refer to it as the "national shame"?
I thought the US version of Godzilla was the "national shame":)...

I mean,
>It can't be THAT bad, right? Sure, some people have complaints about the
>mecha design but geez, that's an awfully harsh thing to refer to it as. I
>think it's cool that Tomino's back and doing something different with

I expected more from Syd. After reading about his design approaches
to the Spinner and Voight-Kampff machines in Blade Runner, I was
hoping for a real departure from anime mecha with his Turn-A design.
I had thoughts he would incorporate more functional aspects into the
Turn-A, maybe taking ideas from Honda's P2 robot or the advanced
robotic work of MIT, while adding artistic flare. The Turn-A tries
to break the Gundam mold (which is not too hard these days) but it is
cluttered with too much pointless detail and just falls too heavy on
Super-robot cliches to me.

>Honestly, I just think it's a departure from the typical gundam look that
>has so many people disliking it. It's definitely a more western style
>but like I said above, different people, different tastes. Just trying to
>throw out some of the good points.

Not ENOUGH of a departure, in my opinion.

Mark Kai

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