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>Hey guys, I want to buy a 1/100 Sazabi but which one should I get ? New one
>or Old one ? Can anyone give me a list of what the old and new come up with

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There's a 1/144 version out there, but the proportions are bad. Unless you
don't mind using all your time to customize it. There's the 1/144
Kotobukiya version which is actually quite nice. The mechanics in it are
nifty like the head unit that actually lowers to reveal the cockpit inside.
The funnels all fold out open when in action mode or combat mode. And it
comes with those nifty weapons too including, the axe, the saberaxe, the
gun, shield, and a special rifle that wasn't shown in the movie but it was
on the concept sketches. Now the new 1/100 looks good, proportion wise and
the funnels comes with full action. The only problem is that it's made out
of resin and the hefty price. If you have no experience with resin models I
suggest you go for the 1/144 or the Kotobukiya version. However, I think
the Kotobukiya version is out of production.
So it's pretty hard to find those. Unless you have the patient to wait for
a MG version. But then again it might never come out.

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